Exploration in space is still costly, cumbersome, and accessible to only the very few. That’s why Mission Control innovates to make advanced software viable for use in space.

Who we are

Mission Control empowers explorers by innovating to make advanced mission control software viable for use in space. Using our software, customers can simplify mission development and operations while unlocking the potential of new scientific and commercial opportunities on the Earth, Moon, Mars, and beyond.

Mission Control’s end-to-end solution supports any mission with:

  • An advanced ground control platform
  • Autonomous onboard intelligence
  • Turnkey applications supporting specific mission goals

Our software is used by mission controllers, scientists, and software developers who seek faster deployments, lower-cost mission development, and valuable data returns.

How we do it

To achieve our vision and fulfill our mission, we prioritize these actions:

Focus on user needs.
Taking an interdisciplinary approach, we harmonize engineering capability with scientific and commercial need to accelerate and broaden space exploration and the benefits it provides.
Support advanced mission systems.
By unlocking the potential of AI with cloud and edge architectures, we increase the autonomy, efficiency, and flexibility of missions.
Design accessible mission control.
That includes minimizing the cost and enhancing the user experience of mission operations. To do this, we deploy reusable, standards-based, and open-source software products and communication protocols. We strive to make mission imagery, data, and control pathways available on demand.
Are proactive citizens.
Collaborating openly and generously, we participate in the global space and software communities to share our experience in engineering, science, education, and entrepreneurship.
Explore, discover, and inspire.
Through education and public outreach, we create opportunities for students, individuals, and communities everywhere to participate in and experience how space exploration improves life on Earth and our collective future.