Have Mission Control’s mission operations software experts on your team.

Our mission operations software development experts offer developer support, custom development, code review, hardware integration and testing, and end-to-end mission operations testing.

As a multi-disciplinary team of experts in space and analogue mission operations, we can bring our world-class pedigree to your mission development.

Our mission operations software expertise includes:

  • Design software architecture with distributed and edge computing
  • Software development for flight processors
  • AI model implementation on flight-rated hardware accelerators
  • Algorithm development for robots and payloads
  • Full-stack web-based user interfaces and operations tools
  • Software integration and systems testing

Our breadth of experience across disciplines means that we bring a range of perspectives to every project, for example:

  • Flight control experience of over 10 space shuttle missions
  • Long-duration mission command (FMARS: Flashline Mars Arctic Research Station)
  • CanMars and CanMoon analogue mission operations

Lunar Test Bed

Mission Control’s headquarters in Canada’s capital city houses an indoor lunar and planetary analogue testbed. Dubbed the Moonyard, it is a high-fidelity analogue environment and is available for testing lunar science payloads, operations strategies, exploration technologies and mission concepts, as well as to build datasets and more.
With our cloud-based Mission Control Software operations platform, our partners and customers can run a complete lunar analogue mission remotely using our rover with their payloads integrated onboard.
You can use our facility in 3 ways:
  • bring your own equipment to test yourself
  • easily connect to our rover over a web-based interface to test your own rover mission operations
  • ship your payloads or other equipment to run tests remotely, integrated with our Mission Control Software
View our brochure for more information and contact us for pricing and booking. We would love to hear more about how we can support your testing needs!