Achieve mission goals more efficiently with autonomous onboard intelligence applications.

Mission Control develops advanced software applications that plug-and-play with our Mission Control Software platform or your existing operations systems. Each application improves the autonomy of robots and payloads through mission-specific intelligence, such as:

  • Payload and robot command and control
  • Autonomous instrument targeting
  • AI-based scene perception: object detection, identification, and classification
  • Navigation and path planning
  • Real-time mapping of rover surroundings using stereo vision
  • Payload and sensor advanced data processing and data fusion
  • Data compression and prioritization for downlink
  • Energy modeling and prediction for planetary rovers

Each app includes a suite of onboard intelligence and associated ground-control user interfaces.

Pre-Built Applications

Many applications are pre-built and available for purchase, customization, or further custom development. These include:

  • Planetary rover mission operations and GN&C system
  • Lunar payload command & control system
  • Lunar surface radio communications system (learn more)
  • AI-based terrain classification for lunar science and navigation (learn more)
  • AI imaging for Earth observation¬†(learn more)
  • Thermal imager data fusion and processing for science operations (learn more)
  • Non-geometric hazard detection for planetary surface navigation (learn more)
  • Lidar point cloud and 3D mapping
    – Check out the Space Resources Challenge where MDA‘s lidar was integrated on our rover

Custom Application Development

Mission Control experts can also be contracted to develop new custom applications for onboard robotic intelligence and/or ground control software.