Command and monitor remote assets on the Earth, Moon, Mars, and beyond.

The Mission Control Software platform empowers mission controllers working in distributed teams to command and monitor remote assets in space and on Earth.

  • Developer-friendly software development toolkit enables you to seamlessly stream data between embedded systems to web applications.
  • Web-based interfaces make it easier for users to remotely and securely connect over the internet or a LAN. Web-based user interfaces also offer the potential for broader community engagement in missions when desired.
  • Intuitive user experience provides easy-to-use, browser-based command and control visualizations for productive interactions with spacecraft.
  • Interoperable with common protocols and software frameworks.

End-to-End Solution

The Mission Control Software platform is the operations powerhouse of Mission Control’s end-to-end solution. When combined with one or more of our applications, the solution provides core mission functions such as:

  • Command, control, guidance, and navigation of spacecraft, planetary rovers, surface and orbital robots, payloads, guidance and robotic systems
  • AI-based data processing of payloads and imagery
  • Interfaces with common space software frameworks and protocols, such as CCSDS, NASA cFS, Cubesat, and others

Cloud-Based Mission Control Option

Mission Control Software is a cloud-based mission operations platform that enables geographically distributed users to easily and securely interface with the space asset. Use a cloud-based server for your operations or set up a LAN server for on-premise applications.

The distributed architecture enables:

  • Agile mission deployment
  • Multiple operators in several locations
  • Faster access to mission data
  • On-demand and pay-as-you-go data processing using our cloud-computing applications
  • Increased and scalable compute for data processing and advanced AI applications to support operations

Mission Control Software as a Service (MCSaaS)

The Mission Control Software platform can be made available on a pay-as-you-go basis. The Software as a Service (SaaS) delivery model gives mission operators and third-party developers the flexibility to:

  • Deploy it on demand
  • Pay only for what they use
  • Scale the platform up and down with mission needs