These are the stories of Mission Control’s mission contributions, science collaborations, industry initiatives, education and outreach projects.

Imagine yourself as a teenager… looking up at the night sky, staring at the Moon and all its glory, knowing a piece of your handwriting is not only on lunar surface but a part of the history of artificial intelligence in space… This is Julie’s story



Successful Launch of a SpaceX Rocket Carrying MoonNet to the Moon!

Lunar AI Demo and the ispace M1 mission

Intelligent Sensing and Perception in Infrared (I-SPI)

Mission Control Intelligence (MCI)

ASAS-CRATERS (Autonomous Soil Assessment System: Contextualizing Rocks, Anomalies and Terrains in Exploratory Robotic Science)

Semi-Autonomous Navigation for Detrital Environments (SAND-E)

Mission Control Academy

Canadian Lunar Rover Concept: LSM PHASR

Canadian Lunar Rover: Phase A

ESA-ESRIC Space Resources Challenge

Ops-Sat: AI Demo in Low Earth Orbit

Lunar Radios- Connecting Surface Assets with Line of Sight