Intelligent Path Planning (IPP)

Current path planning systems for NASA’s Mars rovers require extensive human input that can lead to wasted mission operations, due to communication delays and time-consuming manual analysis of data gathered from orbit and the rover.

The Intelligent Path Planner (IPP) allows for heterogeneous data sets to be aggregated in real time, enabling rovers to learn as they drive. The IPP uses the information it has gathered to influence the path it plans, while also adapting the path based on the terrain encountered. Machine learning teaches the IPP to associate different terrains with performance levels. IPP is targeted as a software upgrade to improve the efficiency, safety and scientific return of rover missions without the need for specialized sensors

Latest News


Announcement: Mission Control Intelligence

Mission Control is excited to announce Mission Control Intelligence (MCI): a joint project with Axiom Research Labs to demonstrate AI-powered autonomy on a micro-rover ahead of commercial missions to the Moon. Read more about it here and our press release!


Mission Control at White Sands

Over the greater part of March, the Mission Control team is here in White Sands National Monument, doing a final demonstration of our ASAS technology with support from Canadian Space Agency!
ASAS is a technology we’ve been working on since 2015. We are using this opportunity at White Sands National Monument to test our software in a natural sand environment, which doesn’t exist at the facilities we have access to in Ottawa.

Over the next three weeks or so, we will test core system functionality, localization performance, ASAS functionality (terramechanics model), new wheels and characterize slip-slope… among other things!

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