Canadian Lunar Rover Concept: LSM PHASR

Mission Control provided expertise on software technologies and autonomy to the LSM PHASR lunar rover concept intended to prepare for human missions on the Lunar surface.

Canada aims to contribute a rover (PHASR: Precursor to Human And Scientific Rover) to the Human Enhanced Robotic Architecture and Capability for Lunar Exploration and Science (HERACLES) mission’s Lunar Surface Mobility (LSM) component.

Increasing scientific return

This international campaign led by the European Space Agency (ESA) is intended to explore the Moon with robotic and human explorers. The robotic rover may become key in demonstrating capabilities in scientific research and Lunar sample collection, acting as a precursor to the larger rovers to follow that will be driven by astronauts on the lunar surface.

Expert team

Mission Control is part of a team led by MDA that will complete a concept study of the rover, which includes a design of rover subsystems as well as mission operations. We are providing technical contributions to rover design trade-offs and mission operation concepts, as well as examining how our software technologies could enhance the rover’s Guidance, Navigation, & Control subsystem.

More information on this project can be found in MDA’s press release.