Lunar Radios – Connecting surface assets with line of sight 

Mission Control has recently shipped a set of Lunar Radios for an upcoming commercial lunar mission in 2022-2023!

Our Lunar Radio set is a pair of electronic interface modules that provide a bidirectional wireless communication channel
between two communication nodes. It is designed to integrate on lunar landers and rovers and enable lunar surface operations.  

Our Lunar Radios have been TVAC and Vibe tested – they are ready to fly to the Moon! 

Our current design is baselined on the use of a Xiphos Q7S but can be customized for your mission’s architecture, hardware and interface choices. The high flexibility makes it easier to adapt our radio system for your needs.

In addition to the core feature of enabling wireless surface communications, you can leverage our radio system for additional capabilities such as:

  • HDRM (Hold Down Release Mechanism) control for rover deployments 
  • Wired interface with the rover prior to deployment  
  • Edge computing, AI, and data processing applications to boost your rover mission 

On the ground, you can use our web-based Mission Control Software platform to allow your team to seamlessly operate your rover. 

Download our brochure for more information, and contact us to tell us about your mission and how we can help!