Mission Control Academy

Mission Control Academy (MCA) challenges participants to design and operate a planetary exploration mission using a real rover in an environment similar to the Moon or Mars.

MCA participants are provided with a unique opportunity to use the Mission Control Software platform and other advanced software technologies to remotely operate a rover and experience what it’s like to participate in a real space mission. Working together on a high-stakes space mission highlights important interdisciplinary communication and teamwork skills in an incomparable learning environment. Teams also get to learn from professionals in the space industry who have worked on robotic space missions.

Refined curriculum

For everyone from elementary school students to professionals in the space industry, MCA has refined curricula options that can cater to any participant group. MCA is a unique learning experience and showcases Canadian expertise in space exploration.

Inquire about the MCA learning experience

For more information about MCA, watch the video below, download our program flyer, and please contact us to see how the program can be deployed for your group.