Skid-Steer Optimization (SSO)

Skid-steering is a method to turn a vehicle by controlling its wheels (or tracks) at different speeds, allowing vehicles to turn on the spot. Skid steer is a popular design approach and is pervasive on CSA’s fleet of prototype rovers. This approach allows rover designers to reduce the complexity and increase the robustness of a planetary rover’s mechanical system. However, steering vehicles by skidding is more energy consuming than traditional steering methods, which turn individual wheels. Given strict constraints on power for space missions, use of skid steer on planetary missions has been limited thus far. Through funding from CSA, Mission Control is developing path-planning software that optimizes the control of a skid-steer rover to minimize power consumption. Mission Control’s SSO software will provide input to rover operators and autonomous driving software by maximizing mission operations and optimizing drive sequences.

Skid-Steer Optimization compliments our Autonomous Soil Assessment System (ASAS) project, where we are increasing safety in rough terrain – while also leveraging our expertise in rover design, robotic controls and mission operations. SSO and ASAS are great examples of software-as-a-payload technologies for low-cost Canadian contributions to upcoming international rover missions. Mission Control’s work in this field will ultimately allow designers to conduct better, more informed tradeoffs between efficiency and reliability for rover designs. The goal with this project is to offer an analytical model that can be applied to many different rovers and terrains. Similar to ASAS, Mission Control strives to develop software as a payload in order to maximize the potential for eventual flight missions for such a system.

The development and validation of the SSO will offer multiple benefits to Canadian industries of planetary exploration and autonomous vehicle development by providing new Canadian industrial capabilities.

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Announcement: Mission Control Intelligence

Mission Control is excited to announce Mission Control Intelligence (MCI): a joint project with Axiom Research Labs to demonstrate AI-powered autonomy on a micro-rover ahead of commercial missions to the Moon. Read more about it here and our press release!


Mission Control at White Sands

Over the greater part of March, the Mission Control team is here in White Sands National Monument, doing a final demonstration of our ASAS technology with support from Canadian Space Agency!
ASAS is a technology we’ve been working on since 2015. We are using this opportunity at White Sands National Monument to test our software in a natural sand environment, which doesn’t exist at the facilities we have access to in Ottawa.

Over the next three weeks or so, we will test core system functionality, localization performance, ASAS functionality (terramechanics model), new wheels and characterize slip-slope… among other things!

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